Lily's Flower Garden!

The MYSTERY of Lily!

Just WHO IS even that Mystery Mare?!

[Picture of Lily!]

Lily Blossom is a pretty purple pegasus pony from the toy line who has flowers as her cutie mark. The packaging says she's very graceful when flying and on her hooves.

But that's all we really know about her! She's very MYSTERIOUS!

Take her cutie mark for example! Is she good with plants (kind of unusual for a pegasus) or are the flowers symbolic of something else instead?? WHO KNOWS?!?1

Lily Blossom is the ultimate paradox. On the one hand she has her own unique design, but on the other hand, she's never appeared on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

But Lily is not the only MYSTERIOUS Paradox Pony:

There are four of them!!


None of these beautiful ponies have ever appeared on the show! D:

Rainbow Flash, Daisy Dreams, and Star Swirl were all Special Edition brushable ponies, but Lily had her own normal packaging. Later, Lily was in the second set of McDonalds pony toys alongside Cheerilee and the main characters from the show!

All the other toy ponies have recolored art of the main characters on their packaging, except Cheerilee who became an important character on the show. So a lot of people thought these four with their unique designs would also become important characters like Cheerilee!

But as of Season 4 they still haven't appeared!

(A pony named Star Swirl has been mentioned on the show but it's "Star Swirl the Bearded" and since this Star Swirl is a girl with no beard I am pretty sure they aren't talking about her!)

Who are these MYSTERY ponies?!

What are their stories??

The world may NEVER KNOW! D: